Being able to hammock without trees used to be only a dream. For years, hammockers have longed to be able to hang anywhere, regardless of the landscape. Portable hammock stands on the market have been frustrating – either too heavy and bulky to pack and carry, or too flimsy and weak to be sturdy.

Well, the wait for hammockers is over. YOBOgear has created the best hammock stands for all outdoor lovers, whether they like to backpack, mountain bike, motorcycle, car camp, or backyard chill. We’ve got not one, but two different models to choose from, based on your adventure style.

First up, meet The Freedom Stand.

This is our lightest hammock stand, weighing in at only 2.4 lbs per side. She is a direct descendant of our original Kickstarter stand which was beloved by many, but needed improvements. What upgrades make the Freedom stand the best? 

  • Telescoping poles for packability and uneven ground
  • 7000 series aluminum for incredible strength
  • A new hub design for lightness and safety
  • Versatile feet for various terrains
  • Adjustable cordage for hammocking anywhere and easy set-up

Freedom holds up to 400 lbs of weight if she is used properly, making her the strongest hammock stand of her kind!!!! We feel comfortable calling her a two person hammock stand. Check out pricing, specs, and other details right here.

Next, we are pleased to introduce The Cricket Stand (Patent Pending).

Cricket is YOBOgear’s stake-free option. She would be perfect for car camping, backyard hanging, or even indoors as rec room furniture or an extra sleeping spot! Her adjustable legs make hammocking on uneven ground no big deal. She is heavier than the Freedom model, but at only 7.6 lbs, still a very lightweight hammock stand. Here’s what we love about the Cricket:

  • 7000 series aluminum
  • Telescoping poles
  • 100% free-standing — no staking required!
  • High quality reflective cordage
  • Use her to hammock indoors OR outdoors
  • Convert her into Freedom Stands with the purchase of extra Freedom Hubs!

Now, a drumroll for Cricket’s most impressive feature…. She holds up to 500 lbs of weight! You read that right. Three full-sized adults are no big deal for her. Learn all the deets here.

So what do you think?

Is either one of these portable hammock stands perfect for YOU? Here are some more perks:

  • We are so sure of their quality, we are offering a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on both stands. That means if a pole on your stand bends or breaks, all you have to do is e-mail us a picture and we will send you a replacement part free of charge.
  • On a budget? Purchase now and pay over time with our Affirm financing – interest free options available!
  • Both Cricket and Freedom come with free carrying cases to hold your hammock stands and all your extra gear.

We are sooooo excited and pleased to introduce these new babies to the world. Happy Hammocking!

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