Hammocking is amazing. There is something indescribably relaxing about being suspended in the air. Maybe it goes back to when we were cradled as babies? We don’t know. We just know people love hammocks for their R & R time. As more folks are starting to recognize this ancient contraption for the miracle that it is, more hammock gear is emerging on the market. We believe a portable hammock stand should be top priority when purchasing gear for your hammocking adventures. Let’s discuss.

Location, Location, Location

Let’s talk about trees. Don’t get us wrong, we LOOOOOVE trees! I mean, without them, we’d be dead, right? Before we go any further, let’s give a big shout out to trees for all the shade and oxygen. Sometimes, they even provide a great spot to hang our hammocks. However, we want great hammocking spots more than sometimes.

  • Have you felt the frustration of finding two trees that are too far apart to hang a hammock? Then you’ll understand how a portable hammock stand could come to the rescue!
  • What about those areas where hanging from trees is prohibited? Imagine that never being an issue again because of your cool new hammock stand.
  • If you’ve ever had to deal with small, flimsy trees that are at best questionable for hammock hanging… The answer is a portable hammock stand, friend.
  • One more scenario to imagine: What if you want to set up your hammock where there are no trees? Like the gorgeous desert in Moab, or a grassy hillside with an amazing view? You know what we’re going to say.

Portable hammock stands give you the freedom to hammock with or without trees. In fact, getting out of the forest can provide you with some gorgeous views while you’re hanging. Check out some of our favorite tree-free hammock spots on our Instagram account. Beaches, rocky cliffs, and grasslands are some of our favorite hang spots that wouldn’t be possible without our beloved hammock stands.

Size Matters

There are plenty of hammock stands on the market, but not many of them are portable. For instance, the giant wooden frame on your patio is ideal for a hammock that never adventures beyond the backyard. But we know folks in the hammock community LOVE to get out there. They bike, climb, hike, drive, and motorcycle all over the planet. Extra weight and extra bulk in their packs would be NO GOOD.

Some hammock stands on the market claim to be lightweight but still weigh around 30 lbs. Is a mountain biker really going to want to strap that to his handlebars? Probably not. Compactability is obviously important to consider if you are hiking or climbing, but also if you’re motorcycle, van, or RV camping. If your hammock stand breaks down into a carrying case but is still three and a half feet long, that’s three and a half feet you can’t use for other stuff.

All in all, the lighter and smaller your hammock stand, the more portable it is.

YOBOgear’s Solutions

At YOBOgear, we set out to make the best portable hammock stand on the market. We believe we did. Our stands can be set up nearly anywhere. They are extremely lightweight but we did not compromise on strength. In fact, our stands are the lightest, strongest and most compact hammock stands on the market. We love hammocking so we thought of every detail while designing our product line. We’ve got two different models to choose from:

The Freedom Stand weighs in at only 2.4 lbs per side and holds 400 lbs of weight. You can stake her out practically anywhere. Ultra lightweight campers will love the option to purchase just one side for the lightest possible hammock set-up. Learn more about the Freedom Stand here.

The Freedom Stand

The Cricket Stand weighs 7.6 lbs and holds 500 lbs. She doesn’t need stakes and is completely free-standing. Cricket can also be set up almost anywhere. Learn more about the Cricket Stand here.

Cricket stand in water
The Cricket Stand

If we were to sum up all the benefits of owning a portable hammock stand into one key phrase, we would simply say they make it possible for you to

hammock anywhere.

…and wouldn’t that feel good?

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