YOBO = You Oughta Be Outdoors and we are gearing up for one of the oldest outdoor activities enjoyed by humans: Hunting. We actually have a hunting trip to thank for the invention of our packable lightweight hammock stands. Cal thought of the idea when he went hunting with a buddy and they needed a place to hang their hammocks – thus, YOBOgear was born. Now, he takes his hammock stand hunting every time and we’ve got many reasons why…

Hunting is hard work…

…which is why hammocks are a must for us on those trips. We hike up to 13 miles into our camps carrying gear so a comfortable sleeping place is 100% necessary. The only issue with hammocks is you need a place to hang them. As we’ve discussed before, this can sometimes present a problem. If you’re in a forest where tree-hanging is prohibited, if the trees are too flimsy, or if there are no trees, you should still be able to hammock! This is where hammock stands come in. With the right stand, you can:

  • stealthily hang your hammock anywhere so you can stay hidden while you wait
  • rest comfortably to prepare and recharge for the long days and hard work of hunting
  • spend very little time clearing the ground to set up a tent
  • hammock at your scouting spot or your camp easily
  • feel confident that no matter the terrain, you’ll be able to hang your hammock

So, which is the RIGHT hammock stand for this? There are several options out there on the market. Obviously we are quite biased, but folks have a few different stands to choose from. It’s important to do your own research and decide what features are the most important to you in a hammock stand. We recommend considering the following features for taking a hammock stand hunting.

girl in hammock stand with binoculars

Important Features in a Hunting Hammock Stand

Weight: How much does the stand itself weigh? Are you carrying it on your back or just in your vehicle? Will it be worth the weight when you consider all of your other hunting gear?

Weight Capacity: How strong is the hammock stand? Do you feel confident that you (and your hunting boots) can move around without the stand collapsing?

Compactability: Just how small can it get when disassembled? How much room will it take up in your camper or backpack?

Versatility: How many places can you set it up? Do you need flat ground? Do you need to be able to pound stakes into the ground?

Durability: How many times will you have to buy it? Does the company guarantee their products to last for years?

In the chart below, we compare some (but not nearly all) of the portable hammock stands on the market. This is just a starting place to give you an example of what features to look for!

Portable Hammock Stand Comparison Chart

Hammock Stand WeightWeight CapacityCompactabilityVersatilityLifetime Guarantee
YOBOgear Freedom Stand2.4 lbs(one side)
4.8 lbs (two sides)
400 lbs18″-22″LStaking necessary,
flat ground not needed
YOBOgear Cricket Stand7.6 lbs500 lbs18″-22″LNo staking necessary,
flat ground not needed
Kammok Swiftlet15 lbs300 lbs50″LFlat-ish ground necessary,
no staking required
Tato Gear Hammock Stand24 lbs500 lbs45″LFlat-ish ground necessary,
no staking required
ENO Nomad15 lbs300 lbs34″LFlat-ish ground necessary,
no staking required
Check out this comparison chart to see the features from several portable hammock stands all lined up. Of course there are many more on the market to choose from; this is just a sampling.
Hammock stand hunting camp setup

Hanging at Our Hunting Camp

This is an ideal hunting camp location: A quiet spot right near a fresh water mountain spring. We set up just below the ridge where we would be scouting the next morning. The ground was very sloped so we utilized the leg height adjustments. This spot was about 4 miles away from the vehicle, but since the Cricket is so light, it was easy to toss her in the backpack and hike all the way in with her. We were very happy we didn’t have to spend any time clearing the ground of rocks to make room for a tent. Also, we didn’t have to worry about pounding stakes into the ground since she is completely free-standing!

Bow season is almost here and we are super excited to get out hunting with our hammock stands and fill our freezer. Good luck to you all on your hunts this year!

Curious about whether any of our YOBOgear hammock stands would work for you? You can check out our YouTube Channel to see how they work or e-mail any time! Best of luck on your hunting trips this year.

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