Turtlebug Hammock Stand by YOBOGear

Meet another versatile hammock stand from YOBOgear!

Turtlebug is YOBOgear’s answer to everyone who was asking for a more budget-friendly, yet extremely portable hammock stand. Aside from a lower price point, the most requested component was that it be free-standing, with no anchors necessary. Cal did what he does best and got busy in his workshop. He took an existing design (the turtle dog) and re-engineered it to address all of the major issues it presented. He made it less top-heavy, more stable, and compact enough for a backpack. The many new features he added are now patent-pending and fall right in line with Cal’s renowned sleek, angular YOBO designs.


Turtlebug Hammock Stand is for anyone who wants to be comfortable… anywhere.

From a soccer parent who wants to watch their kids’ games in a hammock chair that sets up as fast as a regular chair…

To a relaxed beach goer who wants to catch some Zs in between surfing…

To an avid hammock camper who wants to make the most out of all their camping gear.


      • Turtlebug’s tent-style aluminum poles pack down into a remarkable 18” length, so the stand can easily fit in a backpack, duffel, or even a carry-on suitcase! Scroll down to see estimated packed dimensions.

      • The shock cords within the poles allow for an impressive SUB ONE MINUTE set-up time. Pull it out of your trunk, and get to relaxing right away. Hold onto the patent-pending Turtlebug hubs, and watch the stand nearly put itself together!

      • The glass-reinforced nylon hubs are not only lightweight, but incredibly strong. They are engineered to withstand forces in all directions, as well as accommodate your tarp, sunshade, pack, and hammock.

    • Though not as lightweight as our Cricket Hammock Stand, the Turtlebug Camper will boast an impressive 15-18 lb pack weight. (This is an estimation based on our prototype and is our best calculation at this time.) The Lounger, Chair, and Mini will be even lighter, as they are made up of fewer poles.


Turtlebug is easily modified into FOUR sizes. From the mini to the chair to the lounger to the camper, all of your bases are covered.


Kickstarter Price: $299 (tarp extension poles included)

Final Retail Price: $380 (tarp extension poles included)

The CAMPER size is the largest, because it is made to hold up to an 11’ camping hammock – without shortening the hammock! You can easily get this size by adding a single pole segment to your Turtlebug Lounger ridge pole. Whether you’re wanting to try hammock camping on a budget before going all in, or you’re a seasoned hammock camper looking for a quality budget hammock stand, Turtlebug’s got you. We’ve also come up with an easy tarping solution, so don’t worry about getting your rainfly to work!

Approximate CAMPER measurements:

      • 126″ from hammock attachment point to hammock attachment point

      • 149” x 44 footprint

    • 60” hammock attachment height

Estimated CAMPER weight capacity: 300 lbs


Kickstarter Price: $215

Final Retail Price: $290

The LOUNGER size is designed for a 9’ lounging hammockwithout shortening the hammock! If you don’t intend to sleep all night in your hammock and just want a great place to read a book, take a snooze, or stretch your back, the lounger size is just what you need.

      • 110″ from hammock attachment point to hammock attachment point

      • 133” x 44″ footprint

    • 60” hammock attachment height

Estimated LOUNGER weight capacity: 350 lbs


Kickstarter Price: $199 (Cotton fabric chair included)

Final Retail Price: $270 (Cotton fabric chair included)

The CHAIR size allows you to sit upright and take in the view or participate in the conversation. The Turtlebug chair will make an excellent piece of furniture indoors or out. All you need to do is remove one segment from the lounger ridge pole to get the perfect stand for hanging a hammock chair.

      • 66″ from hammock attachment point to hammock attachment point

      • 93” x 44″ footprint

    • 60” hammock attachment height

Estimated CHAIR weight capacity: 400 lbs


Kickstarter Price: $165 (mini hammock included)

Final Retail Price: $215 (mini hammock included)

The MINI is perfect for the little ones in your life! Start them out young then add pole segments to the legs and ridge to make their Turtlebug stand grow with them!

      • 66″ from hammock attachment point to hammock attachment point

      • 80” x 23″ footprint

    • 34″ hammock attachment height

The best part is, ALL the sizes are interchangeable! Meaning, you can turn a Chair into a Camper, or a Lounger in to a Mini, or any combination you choose! You’ll just need extra pole segments. Those will be available in our online store once the Kickstarter fulfillment is complete.

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Cute baby alert! Testing out the Turtlebug Mini at HangCon 2024.

Kickstarter coming in February 2024!

Q: What is Kickstarter?

A: Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform that allows small business to raise funds to bring a product to market. Kickstarter Backers pledge to a certain product on Kickstarter. Then, in exchange for a lower-than-retail-price and likely some extra perks, they get to be a part of the process of bringing the product to market. This lets the customers get a deal on the product, and lets the small business avoid taking out loans.

Q: Should I pledge on Kickstarter or wait until the product hits the market?

A: That depends. If you are someone who needs to know exactly what you’re ordering down to the last ounce of pack weight, location of logos, etc., Kickstarter might not be for you. If you also need a guaranteed ship date, Kickstarter is not the platform for that. If however, you are cool with chilling and knowing that you will receive the best possible product we can produce as close to the estimated ship date as possible, we’d love to have you join our Kickstarter. For reference, the average Kickstarter projects are delayed by 6 months. Our previous Kickstarter (Hive Hammock Stand) was delayed 2 months. If you can see yourself getting impatient in the last few weeks/months of production, crowdfunding may be a frustrating choice for you. We do an excellent job of keeping Backers informed on where we are in the process. We know our company reputation and our clear consciences rest on being open, transparent, and trustworthy with your pledges.

Q: If I don’t want to pledge on Kickstarter, when can I buy this product retail?

A: As soon as all the Kickstarter Backers have received their items, we will offer the product up for sale in our online store for retail price.

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