The Freedom Stand – Two Sides


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The Freedom Stand – Two Sides


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Oh, hey! Hi there! Thank you for being interested in our Freedom Stand. You see, you’ve kinda caught us at an awkward time for a small business… We are in the middle of some major product design updates, which includes the Freedom Stand. Long story short, we are out of stock and it will be some time before we have it back in stock. See the longer explanation below.


Since we’ve started this hammock stand business, the market has given us two main points of feedback:

  1. They want a free-standing hammock stand that is even lighter than Cricket.
  2. They want a free-standing hammock stand that is less expensive than Cricket.


To address these two priorities, we are currently bringing two new products to market. We’ve got a new Cricket Stand design that will weigh somewhere between 3-6 lbs depending on the weight capacity, as well as the budget-friendly Turtlebug Stand. These are our main focuses right now. We will likely roll out another version of Freedom Stand in the future with some design updates. Our plan is to roll out both the Turtlebug and Cricket by the end of 2024, then decide in 2025 how to revive the Freedom Stand. Plan on even more impressive pack weights than those below. We have received many e-mails from potential customers asking us about the Freedom Stand, so we are aware it is something the market is interested in! We are considering it our 3rd priority in this chain of events.


We do apologize if this timing causes any inconvenience! As a small business, there are only so many irons we can have in the fire at once. In this society we have grown accustomed to Amazon turnaround times, but for a small, three person operation, it is impossible to match those. However, we are unmatched in our attention to quality, design, and experience. We are confident it will be worth the wait for any of our new products. We keep everyone posted on what’s going on both through our e-mail list and our private Facebook group, as well as all our other social media channels so we highly recommend joining us there so you know what is going on!


Thank you for your interest and we hope we are able to help you with your hammock stand needs some day!


Meet your lightest portable hammock stand! We’ll let the numbers do the talking:


  • Weighs less than 5 lbs.
  • Can hold up to 300 lbs.
  • Includes 1 FREE custom carrying case to pack it with ease


***Hub cordage color: Bright Yellow (may differ from past pictures)***


This easy-to-anchor stand will become your new hammocking best friend – even without trees. Whether you’re setting up on hard ground, soft sand, grass, or rocky soil, Freedom Stand is your on-the-go bed.


The Freedom Stand is light, strong, and quick to set up. It doesn’t take up much room or weight in your gear.


(And, if you want to keep the load lighter and already have a tree, vehicle, post, or rock to tie your hammock off to, all you need is one side.)


So now you can adventure without worries about trees or heavy bags. The two sides will give exactly what it promises: a Freedom Stand.


Weight: 4.8 lbs


Weight Capacity:
300 lbs when anchored and angled properly


Packed Size:

Brick Bag: 22″L x 3″W x 3″H

Roll Bag: 22″L x 5″W x 5″W

(possible to remove feet and shorten pack size to 18″ long)


Packed Weight:

Brick Bag: approx 5.6 lbs (Out of stock – we recommend Walhalla Hammocks and Outdoors to order a great brick bag!)

Roll Bag: approx 7.6 lbs


Designed to hold an 11′ hammock perfectly!



  • Four telescoping aluminum legs
  • Two Freedom Hubs with cordage for anchoring
  • Four Custom adventure feet with removable discs for sand/soft ground
  • Four rubber feet
  • Two aluminum carabiners

*Bonus!!! The Freedom Stand comes with a FREE custom carrying case. You’ll have room not only for your hammock stand, but any carabiners, stakes, and other accessories you decide to pack with you!


***Hub cordage color: Bright Yellow (may differ from past pictures)***

— Stakes sold separately —

Please allow 1-5 business days for assembly and packaging. You will receive a tracking notification via e-mail when your product ships!

Out of stock

Carrying Case

The Brick Bag, The Roll Bag


Shipping Policy

Once your item has been marked “delivered” by the carrier, we are not responsible for lost or stolen packages. Please ensure that you have entered the correct shipping information and track your package so you know when to expect it on your doorstep.

Return and Refund Policy

If used properly, YOBOgear Hammock Stands are engineered to be darn-near indestructible. In the rare event that damage should occur, the stands are designed so that broken or bent pieces can easily be replaced. To get a replacement part, e-mail a picture of the damage to and we will send you the part you need free of charge so you can carry on hammocking. The only cost to you will be shipping.

You have 10 days to initiate a return from the date you received the product.

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please mail your item to

1514 Fremont Ave
Casper, WY


To be eligible for a refund, the item must be UNDAMAGED and in the same condition that you received it. Please include your receipt or proof of purchase.

Once the item is inspected, if your return is approved we will refund the product price MINUS A 5% RE-STOCKING FEE AND OUR ORIGINAL SHIPPING COSTS to your credit card (original method of payment). We will immediately notify you of the status of your refund after inspecting the item.
You are responsible for paying the shipping costs when you return an item.


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8 reviews for The Freedom Stand – Two Sides

  1. Gary Keith Lyons

    I switched from tent to hammock camping in 2010. I went from using trees to using a pole (Kelty tarp pole). The single pole worked fine, but the sections are almost 30″ long. I mostly camp from a motorcycle or kayak, so size is important. When I saw the freedom stand and how small it packs, I thought it was great, except for the price. It took me a yr to talk myself into spending that much on just a stand.
    The stand has problems. First and foremost is it collapses. The issue seems to be the spring pins holding the sections together. If they were an 1/8 of an inch longer they would work better. I have been dropped multiple times. It always happens in the middle of the night. Every time I have gotten up and taken a P and shortly after getting back in the hammock the stand collapses.
    I told YOBO about it last yr after a 3 week trip. The response was to tell me to always test the stand before getting into the hammock. The stand dropped me again twice in Jan while camping in Joshua Tree and Organ Pipe N.P. I contacted YOBO again and received no response.
    I thought about switching back to the Kelty tarp pole, but because of the size benefit of the Freedom Stand, I switched out all the spring pins for ball lock pins.
    Another problem, is the tarp pole. In my opinion it is to short. Mine also broke. I simply dropped it on the ground and the tip broke off.
    For a 375$ product made of aluminum, I hoped for better customer support.

    • yoboadmin

      Hi Gary,

      I was surprised to see your comment about Customer Service, as we have quite a long track record of responding very quickly to your e-mails since you purchased your stand (for a discount) at the end of 2021. In my archives, I can see at least 20 e-mails back and forth with you since the time of your purchase. Upon seeing this review, I did a quick search and saw we did miss your e-mail a few days ago. You inadvertently caught us right in the middle of a brand new product launch last week and for the first time in 2+ years since you’ve been e-mailing us, your message slipped through the cracks. I am very sorry about that. A short follow-up to make sure we saw it would have gotten you a quick response, as per our usual.

      Now, onto the issues with your stand.
      * When you first e-mailed us two years ago, you were complaining that the spring buttons were very stiff and hurt your fingers, saying in your words, you “couldn’t get the pins pressed enough to collapse the poles.” At the time, I explained to you that we had selected spring buttons strong enough to hold up scaffolding. I even sent you suggestions on using push pin pliers because of the difficulty you claimed you were having.
      * Then, a while later, you began saying those very spring buttons don’t hold. As you can see, these are quite conflicting problems. The last time you e-mailed us about this problem, I asked you to pop out the spring button you thought was collapsing so you could visually inspect it and let me know what you found. I never received photos, feedback, or any sort of follow up from that.
      * This specific issue has never come up before with any of our hammock stands, so our guess is you are either setting up the stand incorrectly or you have tampered with the spring buttons, making them less strong. It is hard to discern since you’ve never sent pictures or videos for us to troubleshoot.
      * At the Overland Expo when you were complaining about the price, we explained to you that custom-made 7000 series aluminum is more expensive than any aluminum one could find in stock at a hardware store. The telescoping poles that give you the small pack size you like so much require us to pay for 5 different custom extrusion moulds (to get all five sizes of tubing that are required for the telescoping action). We also explained to you that we tie every knot by hand in our office and that takes time and labor. You had all this information well before you decided to buy the Freedom Stand (again, for a discount). Not to mention our design, advertising, shipping, warehousing, legal, and other costs associated with bringing products to market.
      * At one point, you asked us to make you custom tarp extension poles – which take more of our time and materials – yet you didn’t want to pay for them. We can’t run a viable business and give stands and parts away for free or for cheap.

      We have spent hours of our time trying to help you and responding to your many e-mails. We also have a wide array of Freedom Stand set-up videos on our YouTube Channel that we took the time to make to help all our customers. We are proud of our high-ranking customer service and disagree with your assessment that you haven’t received it. Our customers who realized the Freedom Stand was not for them either returned or exchanged it within the 10-day return period, got a large percent of their money back, and moved on with their lives. I’m sorry we couldn’t make you a happy customer, but given our long record of correspondence, and multiple attempts to help you, it seems you’re just determined to dislike this product.

  2. Roger McIntyre

    I purchased the Freedom stand at Fall Sprawl last year, and I just love the versatility of this thing! I can hang a single hammock, or hang two hammocks using one tree and both halves of the stand. Awesome product!

    • yoboadmin

      Thank you for your purchase and the time you took to leave this review Roger! We’re glad you love your Freedom Stand. Looking forward to seeing you again at Fall Sprawl!

  3. Stanley Nix

    When set up properly the Freedom is strong and sturdy. Camping with Boy Scouts and at hammock hangs I am frequently camping where trees are limited. Now with the Freedom Stand I can easily set up and hang anywhere. I met Kristen and Cal at a hammock hang and they have been very helpful with questions and helping to make sure I could get the stand set up properly. Excellent customer service and a quality product is what you get at YOBO Gear. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks Guys!

    • yoboadmin

      We’re happy the Freedom Stand is so useful for you Stanley! Thank you for the review!

  4. Greg T. (verified owner)

    I’ve been waited about 3 years for the Freedon Stand to come on the market and it was well worth the wait. This is the lightest and most portable stand that I’ve been able to find. It is very strong and adjustable. I plan on using it for car and motorcycle camping because I found sleeping in a hammock more comfortable than sleep on a cot in my tent. It’s easy to set up and takedown and makes it so you can use a hammock just about anywhere. I highly recommend buying it. Also, Cal and Kristen are great to work with, they will make sure you are totally happy with your stand.

    • yoboadmin

      Thank you so much for this awesome review Greg! It has been a pleasure to work with you!

  5. Jessica

    I recently got my freedom stand and have used it for all sorts of adventures. It’s small and easy to pack and transport. I no longer have to find the perfect trees.

    • yoboadmin

      So happy you’re loving it Jessica! Thank you so much for the review!

  6. Troy Bradfield (verified owner)

    Just set it up in back yard love the freedom it will bring me when camping this fall on my motorcycle trips. No more worries of sites without trees.

    • yoboadmin

      Excellent! Thank you so much for the review!

  7. Cassy Smith

    I took it out yesterday and set it up in my backyard. Took 10 minutes to set up. I’d say that’s a good trade for the hours of sunlight I got

  8. William

    Ok so to start I’ve used other stands before for hammocking. sadly they all kind of work the same and are just a hassle to carry around. THIS stand though is literally perfect for backpacking. I don’t often say this but I will definitely be buying more for friends and family to also enjoy.

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