We’re gonna be completely honest with you.

Manufacturing products impacts the environment in a negative way from the carbon emissions to the waste by-products. To deny that would be dishonest and we’re not into “green-washing” for appearance’s sake. That being said, we have decided to move forward as a business because our products will not only add to human appreciation and enjoyment of the outdoors. You will find our environmentally aware business practices below. We humbly stand on the shoulders of many other companies who have found their own ways to lessen their impact, and continuously seek to be a part of the solution.

How do we give back?

Service is one of our core values. We not only want to be of service to the hammock camping community, but to our entire Planet Earth community as well. We have donated products and funds to many organizations we believe in… Large and small, local and  national. Some of those organizations are Boys and Girls Club, HangCon, Palmetto State Hangers, Wyoming Symphony Orchestra, Beyond Borders, National Wildlife Foundation, Washington Terrace Fire Department, and more.

photo of planet earth first sign


Zero plastic is used to package and ship our items.

The stands and hubs are made out of the highest quality aluminum available, which should last a lifetime AND can be recycled an infinite number of times.

We pledge to continuously seek ways to lessen our impact and will keep this a priority when developing new products.

YOBOgear does not offer rush shipping.

Overnight shipping makes a much bigger carbon footprint than regular shipping. Air freight uses massive amounts of fuel. Delivery trucks make many more trips trying to fulfill orders quickly than they do when they are able to wait until the truck is full before heading out. We do not sell emergency items, therefore we see no reason to ship overnight at the cost of our environment. We promise, it will be worth the wait!

We are a minimal-swag company.

(Yeah, we made that term up.) You might see some stickers floating around with our logo on them, but that’s it. At this point, we’re not selling t-shirts, hats, or other merch because the truth is textiles make up 15+ million tons PER YEAR of waste in the U.S. We think that is ridiculous since 95% of textiles are recyclable. So, until we have a really cool partnership with a recycled clothing company, our products will have to speak for themselves.

So, there you have it.

We promise to not only provide you with the best gear for getting out into Nature and enjoying every epic moment conveniently, comfortably, and on your terms — but ALSO to make your purchase matter to this beautiful, glorious, generous planet we are lucky enough to call Home.