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This kit includes everything you need to turn your Freedom Stand Two Sides into a freestanding Cricket Hammock Stand. If you own a Freedom Stand One Side, you will need to purchase another side for this kit to work, as the Cricket Stand requires four legs. This upgrade ONLY works for Freedom to Cricket conversions. Hive is not compatible with either the Freedom Stand or the Cricket, as the poles and truss systems are not the same.


Included with this kit:

Four telescoping ridge poles with cordage affixed
Two aluminum bend pieces
Two machined Cricket Hubs
Four Cricket diagonals (cordage) tied and glued
Four prussic loops


Not included with this kit:

Cricket tarp extension package (sold separately)
Carrying case (Your Freedom Stand Two Sides roll bag or brick bag will also house a Cricket Stand)

Please allow 1-5 week days for assembly and packaging before your items ship!