Hive Hammock Stand

The very first portable, two-person hammock stand!

Hive Hammock Stand

  • Fast set-up time
  • Easy & light to carry
  • Large enough to hold your bridge or XL hammock 
  • Works for one person too

Note: All pictures you see here are of our prototype and may not represent the final product exactly.

With Hive, You Can Hammock Everywhere. Side by Side.

Hive was made for people who believe hammocking is best when shared

Whether you want to wake up feeling rested & bendy, carry an easy-to-pack hammock stand, or camp comfortably with your kids – Hive is for you.

Here’s why Hive is like no other hammock stand:

Large & Strong Enough to Hold Bridge and Oversized Hammocks

This lightweight, yet unbelievably strong stand can hold up to two people, even if you use  XL or bridge hammocks. Imagine laying in your hammock, talking to your favorite human about the incredible day you just had.

Ultra-Lightweight & Easy to Set Up

Hive requires NO staking. It uses telescoping aluminum poles that pack down small, and click easily into the place where you need them.

The done-for-you tension lines are quick and simple to adjust, so you can do less setup and more relaxing.

Put your tarp in porch mode or completely close yourself in, depending on your desired level of shelter.

Completely Free-Standing (No Trees Necessary)

Leave stakes, anchors, and trees at home (or forest). With Hive, you can adventure anywhere, catch the best views, and always have a comfortable place to sleep.

No more back pain or stressing about tents required!

Hive can also work indoors while you play video games with your kids or enjoy a movie night with your spouse! Some people are even planning to replace their bed with Hive to decrease back pain and allergies caused by a mattress.

Estimated Dimensions:


34”L x 8”W x 6”H


13.5’ x 5’ max footprint (length can be shortened by 41″)

7’ tall at peak at max height (height can be shortened by 20.5″)

Carrying weight:

22 lbs

Here are some first impressions from real hammock campers:

Just add some LED lights and a tarp and you’ve got yourself a full blown fort for you and your friends!


After seeing it in person I’ve become quite excited about this kickstarter.

-Chris G.

I’m looking forward to this stand. My girlfriend and I often camp and try to set our other stands up close to each other, but we sleep better separately in our own hammocks and this stand really sets the mark high. I can’t wait to jump in on one!

-Chris O.

It will definitely be another piece of gear I will be adding to the shed.


Can’t wait for the campaign launch! I’ll be backing that!


That looks fantastic! Brilliant engineering from the two coolest hammock nerds I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Looking forward to replacing our bedroom furniture with this. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of Hive?

You’re going to get Hive if you want to leave these worries behind:


  • A sore back from sleeping on the ground
  • Your tent flooding
  • Finding the perfect trees to hang your hammock
  • Wasting time or energy to clear or flatten a spot for your tent
  • Your XL or bridge hammock being too long for your hammock stand
  • Feeling separated from your camping buddies

Leave the spiders and snakes on the ground, and elevate yourself and your loved ones.

How is Hive different from other hammock stands?

Put simply, Hive is the very first portable two-person hammock stand in the world.

On top of that:


  • It requires NO staking.
  • It holds bridge and XL hammocks (up to 14’ long!).
  • It guarantees our sky-high quality standards.

We designed the Hive Hammock Stand to be strong, lightweight, versatile, and easy to set up.

Besides, at YOBOgear we have been using and creating premium-quality hammock stands for over 2 years. So know that you are in great hands!

How was Hive created?

Cal Fenton, founder of YOBO and hammock stand expert, created Hive in response to customer feedback. 

His original free-standing hammock stand Cricket was a wild success among hammock campers. However, it had some limitations. Folks who use bridge or 12’ hammocks felt left out of the fun.

Not one to leave anybody out, Cal set to work engineering a new stand that could accommodate longer hammocks. 

He also decided to make it capable of hanging two hammocks – so he and his girlfriend Kristen could hammock camp right next to each other.

Now, Hive has all the bases covered. Enjoy all the benefits of a lightweight, free-standing hammock stand, no matter what kind of hammock you prefer. And enjoy hammocking without being separated from your child or partner.

How big is Hive, exactly?

Here are the estimated dimensions:

Packed: 34”L x 8”W x 6”H

Assembled: 13.5’ x 5’ footprint max length (can be shortened by up to 41″)

7’ tall at peak (height can be shortened by up to 20.5″)

Carrying Weight:

22 lbs

I’m interested and would love a discount!


By ordering early on Kickstarter, you will get Hive for its lowest price EVER.

You’ll become a founding member, and be able to:


  • Pack your bed in minutes not hours.
  • Set up a camp for the best view, NOT because there are no trees.
  • Wake up well-rested and feeling good instead of sore and stiff.
  • Own top-of-the-line gear you can trust.

All for a versatile hammock stand that will work for practically ANY hammock and up to TWO adult-sized people!

Ready to join our community of adventurers, hammock with your family, and enjoy the outdoors OFF the ground?

Get your Hive Stand on Kickstarter today, and begin your next adventure!