yobogear discounts and deals

We get daily inquiries from folks who are wondering how to get a discount or asking for free product. As a small business, we have to value our time, energy, and budget, therefore we don't have limitless resources on what we can give. (Before asking a cottage vendor or mom & pop business for freebies, consider that they are humans working to make ends meet just like you!)


That said, we do offer several opportunities to score our products for a great deal! See the options below.

Option #1: Come see us in person!

In-person events (trade shows, hangs, and expos) are where we offer our very best deals. Why? Because we love meeting our customers in person and appreciate the time and planning it takes to show up to an event. 

If you buy a stand from us in person, we will give you a personal tutorial right there, or even set it up for you if you like!


We try to hit every corner of the country at least once per year. Check out our events schedule below.

Option #2: Sign up for our e-mail list

We ❤️ our e-mail subscribers! Therefore, we give those who sign up and stick around some really generous coupons after a bit. (We never sell your info and don't flood your inbox with junk.) Plus, you'll be the first to know when we have big announcements like new products and such.

Option #3: group discounts

We are happy to work with groups such as Boy Scouts of America, wildland firefighters, or any other organizations who are doing good things for humanity and our planet. If you have an organization that wishes to purchase multiple stands at a discounted price, please contact kristen@yobogear.com. Provide some info about your organization and let us know which products and how many you are interested in.

Option #4: ambassador/sponsorship/review opportunities

Do you have the ability to get our products in front of a large audience? We are willing to work with you. Heads up: Unless you are very well known in the industry and/or have a massive following, we will probably require you to purchase the product from us and work on a referral basis to earn back your investment. Please send inquiries to kristen@yobogear.com. Include:

1) Your name, age, and location

2) Social media handles, websites, channels, or any other publications and media you own

3) Statistics for all the above (followers, subscribers, engagement, conversion rates, etc.)

4) Samples of photography, product reviews, ads, campaigns or posts you've done for other companies

5) A short paragraph explaining your ideas for how you can be of service to YOBOgear