YOBOgear Brand Ambassador Questionnaire

This questionnaire is for anyone who is looking to represent YOBOgear products in exchange for discounts, free product, or commission on affiliate links. This representation could be in the form of video, photo, podcast, or in-person activities.

Please e-mail your completed answers to kristen@yobogear.com. Keep in mind that we get multiple offers from potential ambassadors per week. We take representation of our brand very seriously and do not give out discounts or free products lightly. Once we have reviewed your answers to this questionnaire, we will reach out if we feel you would be a good fit to represent our brand.

  1. Have you represented other companies as a brand ambassador? If so, which ones? Describe your experience with them and how you were able to benefit them (i.e. number of leads, revenue amount, etc.)
  2. What experience do you have with using social media platforms for brand awareness? 
  3. Which social media platforms do you use on a regular basis? Please list all of your social media platforms, along with number of followers and engagement rates for each one: (Examples: YouTube channel, Facebook, Podcast, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc.)
  4. What in-person events or activities do you attend that would be a good fit for our products? How many events per month do you average attending?
  5. What do you see as your main responsibilities as a brand ambassador for YOBOgear?
  6. Which of our products specifically do you see yourself representing? What features do you appreciate about it?
  7. In your opinion, how do our products stack up to the competition? Why would customers prefer us over them?
  8. What are your most effective ambassador techniques?
  9. How will you monitor and report leads and references you have created for YOBOgear?
  10. How would you spark a conversation with a stranger at a social/promotional event?
  11. How would you respond to a direct message or e-mail from someone who is asking about our products?
  12. Why do you want to make our brand a part of your lifestyle?
  13. Who do you see as our brand’s target audience and what channels are the most effective for connecting with them?
  14. How do you embody YOBOgear’s mission and values in your day-to-day actions?
  15. How would you respond to a potential customer if they asked you about our products?
  16. Do you leave online reviews for products? Why/why not?
  17. Some of our very best ambassadors are our own customers, who have happily paid full-price for our products. How will you convey to potential customers that our products are worth the price if you did not pay for the product yourself?
  18. What do you feel is fair in exchange for brand promotion of YOBOgear? (Be specific about what exactly you intend to do to bring us customers, an estimated number of leads and sales, and what you expect to get in return from us.)