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let’s hang!


The idea for a portable, lightweight hammock stand came to Cal on a hunting trip. Years of physical labor (and acting like he was invincible) working on ranches, building hundreds of miles of fences, welding, and bull-riding had caused painful joint flare-ups in his back. Sleeping on hard ground was getting more difficult, so he took a hammock along on his trip. He had never slept better outside, and became determined to invent a lightweight stand that he could carry anywhere.

He did just that and began with a Kickstarter campaign. Despite many delays, manufacturing problems, and impatient backers, the stands finally got into the hands of customers and were a hit. Since that first Kickstarter campaign, Cal has improved the product to be even sturdier, lighter, safer, and more convenient.

When Kristen jumped on board, they had many discussions about how they wanted YOBOgear to fit into the business world. There was no question that it was to be a force for altruism, not just profit. That’s how Partnership with Planet Earth came to be and they are excited to watch the rest unfold.

We are rule-breakers, and that spirit is at the heart of YOBOgear.

We are not limited by terrain and landscape; we will put our hammocks up anywhere.  We are not limited by the way business has always been done; we will forge a new model that works for us. We are not limited by political labels; we will act on what is in our hearts to do. We are not limited by our past; we will constantly work to improve ourselves and our business practices.
We’re here for our Planet and for People.


well hi there, let us introduce ourselves

Cal Fenton

founding partner

Master of Inventions

“Hey Babe I Have A New Idea”

Since he was mobile, Cal has been comfortable wandering in the outdoors. His mother tells stories of how he would escape his playpen and disappear into the woods, only to come home just before dark. It would worry her sick and she would scold, lecture, and punish him but eventually gave up because he would not be contained.

He hasn’t changed much. He still loves to wander for miles and miles. He knows right where to find elk, moose, and bears, and is completely at ease in the forest without a gun or even a tent.

He has spent most of his adult life thus far as a welder, and even owning his own welding company (which contributed the initial funding for YOBO). He can fix anything and if you bring him a problem, he is gonna find a solution. He keeps chatter to a minimum unless he has a good idea bubbling up (or a few shots of tequila in him).

He has two teenagers, Tanner and Sara, who are fun, kind, and impressive humans.

Kristen Zook


Chief Organizer – Expectation Manager

“Just Let Me Make A Schedule”

Kristen has always been a sucker for sunsets, quaking aspens, and campfires. As a little girl, she had a hard time fishing because she felt too bad for both the worms and the fish. Her dad told her they couldn’t feel anything and she still wonders whether or not this is true.

Adulthood brought her to attaining college degrees and a job teaching music. Though she loved the children, she felt stifled and left the public school system after six years to work for herself as a massage therapist. After building that business, she still felt there was something missing and began hosting retreats and workshops for women.

Then along came Cal, who was more than willing to show her all his favorite outdoor spots. They spent lots of time together hunting mushrooms, climbing on things, and sleeping under starry skies. It was a dream come true for Kristen and her sidekick/bff/rescue mutt Ginger. When Cal decided to move forward with his lightweight hammock stand company, Kristen and Ginger were delighted to get on board.