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Meet Hive (patent issued), the world’s first portable two-person hammock stand!


Hammocking used to be a solo activity. With Hive, you can easily tote your hammock stand to the perfect camp site and hammock side by side with your loved one!


No staking required. Hive is completely free-standing and can support up to 600 lbs of weight!


Set up your hammocks wherever you want (no trees necessary).
Fast set-up time. (Customers report 5 minute set-up time after a little practice.)
Use indoors AND outdoors.
Light enough to carry easily
Hammock on uneven ground.
Have a comfortable bed on-hand at all times.
Holds two hammocks side by side.
Extremely sturdy
Adjustable height AND lengths!


Whether you’re hammocking solo or with your sweetie, Hive makes it convenient AND cozy.


Hive Hammock Stand Packed Weight:

22 lbs


Weight Capacity:


Designed to work with any hammock. That’s right, ANY hammock.

👍11′ and 12′ (even 13′) gathered end hammocks.

👍Bridge hammocks

👍14′ woven Mayan hammocks


Packed size: 

34L” x 8″W x 6H”


Assembled dimensions:

-13.5’L X 5’W footprint (at max length*)

*Can be shortened up to 41″

-7′ tall at peak (at max height*)

*Can be shortened up to 20.5″

At max length and height, an 11′ hammock can hang 16″ lower on one side with proper ridge line tension.



Included with your Hive Stand:

✅2 tarp extension poles

✅4 rubber feet for anti-slip use

✅Canvas carrying case with reinforced vinyl bottom

Hammocks, rain flies, and bug screens not included.


Hive is made from 7001 series hard-anodized aluminum poles. We custom-produce these poles to telescope for a convenient carrying pack size!


Recommended tarps for double hammock hanging:

Hive tarp by DutchWare Gear
Hive tarp by Walhalla Hammocks & Outdoors

Check out the Hive Bug room by DutchWare for a pest-free Hive experience!


Please allow 1-5 business days for assembly and packaging before your order ships! You will receive a tracking number via e-mail when your item is on its way!