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We believe that those who love being outdoors should be able to enjoy it completely. YOBOgear provides the world’s most versatile hammock stands, and other exciting, helpful outdoor products to the people that appreciate them the most, all while being kind and compassionate to Planet Earth.

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Hi Folks! Our first generation Cricket Stands have completely sold out. Don’t worry though! We have a Gen 2 Cricket Stand currently in the works. Some features will be a little different, but it will still be the lightest and strongest freestanding hammock stand available! Our e-mail list (sign up here) and private Facebook group (sign up here) are always the FIRST to get the details, so join those if you wish. We will update this webpage as well as our social media accounts with new information as it becomes available. 


👉👉 Estimated roll-out date for Gen 2 Crickets: By end of 2024! 👈👈


Meet Cricket (patent issued), the lightest, strongest free-standing hammock stand in the world!


This is NOT your typical free-standing hammock stand. While other stands need to be staked or anchored into the ground, your Cricket will stand proudly anywhere from mountains, to the beach, and even your living room!


No staking required. And did we mention it can support up to 500 lbs?


Set up your hammock wherever you want (no trees necessary).
Fast set-up time.
Use indoors AND outdoors.
Fits in carry-on luggage.
Hammock on uneven ground.
Have a comfortable bed on-hand at all times.
Holds two people at once


Forget about bulky, hard-to-carry stands. With Cricket, you’ll always have your place to rest.


Cricket Stand Weight: 7.6 lbs


Weight Capacity:
500 lbs with proper use (see assembly instructions)
400 lbs with some freedom of motion


Designed to work with an 11′ hammock or shorter.


Packed size: 

22″ x 5″ x 7″ approx. 9.5 lbs


Assembled dimensions:

128″ x 41″ (325cm x 104 cm) footprint

64 1/2″ (164 cm) tall at peak


*Bonus!!! The Cricket Stand comes with a FREE custom carrying case. You’ll have room not only for your hammock stand, but any carabiners, stakes, and other accessories you decide to pack with you! Simply select which case you would like at checkout.


Please allow 1-5 business days for assembly and packaging. You will receive a tracking notification via e-mail when it ships!


Hammocks that fit on Cricket, confirmed by customers:

(If you know of a Cricket-compatible hammock not on this list, please e-mail kristen@yobogear.com so we can keep it up to date!)

Amok Draumr XL
Autumn Outdoors Juniper 11’
Clark NX 270
Dream Hammock 11’
Dutchware Chameleon 11’
Dutchware Netless Cloud 11’
Hammock Gear Circadian
Haven XL
Haven Safari
Little Shop of Hammocks Warrior UL 11’
MyersTech Hammock Lab 11’
Superior Gear 11’
Teton Hammock Company Backwoods/Backwoods Pro models 11’
Ridge Outdoors Pinnacle 360
Walhalla Hammock 11’
Warbonnet Blackbird XLC

Note: For some models, it may be necessary to wrap your continuous loops around your carabiners in order to get a taut ridgeline.


Recommended Tarps for Cricket:

DutchWare Side Entry Tarp, designed specifically for Cricket!
Walhalla Hammocks & Outdoors

YOBOgear is pleased to recommend both of the above companies for their high quality craftsmanship and excellent soft goods.


Please allow 1-5 business days for assembly and packaging. You will receive a tracking notification via e-mail when it ships!



We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about you (yes you) and have created the best hammock stand for everybody, no matter your situation.


AND bike packers and kayak campers, WE SEE YOU. You travel and sweat all day, so it’s important you can whip your packable hammock stand out and have it set up in minutes. When you hit the trails or the water again, you’ll be fully rested and recharged.

Sporting Events

Parents of athletes (or athletes themselves!), WE SEE YOU. You’re spending hours at the soccer and softball fields to support your kiddos and need somewhere to spectate that is convenient, but not hard bleachers or uncomfortable folding chairs.


WE SEE YOU. You spend multiple nights in the wilderness at a time to provide for your families. You know good sleep is paramount so you can be fresh and sharp each morning.

Van, RV and Motorcyles

WE SEE YOU and know that size matters. You will be pleased to see just how little of your precious space a YOBOgear lightweight hammock stand takes up.

Car Campers, Backyard Barbecuers

AND folks whose place is home-base for gatherings, WE SEE YOU. We know we have the best portable hammock stand for camping, partying, and congregating with those you love. You can bust it out with ease and be set up for celebrating in no time.

We’re Not Pretentious.

We Just Care.

Be Kind to Earth and Each Other.

We’re All We’ve Got.


in partnership with planet earth

Let’s face it, Earth is awesome. As a business that manufactures product, we are aware of our impact on her.

We have small ways to decrease our footprint, such as our shipping methods, high quality materials, and refusal to use plastic packaging. Those are great, but they weren’t enough for us so we created the Partner with Planet Earth program. We believe businesses should do no unnecessary harm, but when they inevitably do, they should admit it and offset it by reimbursing Earth as a partner.

There’s a saying, “Invest in those who invest in you.” That ideology extends to Planet Earth. She has invested in all of us since the beginning and we feel it’s past time to return the love.

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The idea for a lightweight portable hammock stand came to Cal on a hunting trip. Years of physical labor (and acting like he was invincible) working on ranches, building hundreds of miles of fences, welding, and bull-riding had caused painful joint flare-ups in his back. Sleeping on hard ground was getting more difficult, so he took a hammock along on his trip. He had never slept better outside, and became determined to invent a lightweight stand that he could carry anywhere.

He did just that and began with a Kickstarter campaign. Despite many delays, manufacturing problems, and impatient backers, the stands finally got into the hands of customers and were a hit. Since that first Kickstarter campaign, Cal has improved the product to be even sturdier, lighter, safer, and more convenient.

When Kristen jumped on board, they had many discussions about how they wanted YOBOgear to fit into the business world. There was no question that it was to be a force for altruism, not just profit. That’s how Partnership with Planet Earth came to be and they are excited to watch the rest unfold.

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