It is that time of year! Motorcycle enthusiasts are out in full force, enjoying the warmer temps and road trip season. We’ve gotten the chance to speak with many motorcycle campers at events. Many of them are also hammock campers. These folks told us, without a doubt, that a good motorcycle hammock stand is a game changer. Being able to hang without depending on trees takes away a huge variable — And when you’re tired, hot, and dusty, the last thing you need is a logistical problem when you go to set up camp.

When it comes to camping, motorcyclists don’t have all the luxuries that vehicle owners enjoy like pulling travel trailers or installing rooftop tents. So that leaves them with two options: Tent camping or Hammock camping. We’ve discussed hammock vs tent camping before, so we won’t go into it here. The folks that opt for the hammock have realized a hammock stand makes life much easier! We’ve talked to bikers who were traveling through the vast deserts of Utah and Arizona, where trees were hard to find. We chatted with a fellow who had been through New York State on his bike and more often than not, found tree hanging prohibited.

What makes a good motorcycle hammock stand?

In all our conversations with these adventurous bikers, we found they had three main concerns when shopping for a good motorcycle hammock stand:

  • Packed Size. In other words, “How much space will this take up in my saddle bag?”
  • Weight. Gas prices are ridiculous enough right now. Every pound counts when lightening and balancing your load.
  • Set-up Time. “Am I gonna have to spend a lot of time messing with this at the end of the day when all I want to do is rest?”

At YOBOgear, lightweight, packable hammock stands are what we do. 7000 series aluminum makes our stands strong yet very lightweight. A good many of our customers are motorcycle campers, so that tells us we’re doing something right. Here are our options for motorcycle hammock stands:

cricket hammock stand

Cricket Hammock Stand

Packed weight: 9.6 pounds.

Packed size: 22″L x 7″W x 5″H

Set-up Time: 4-8 minutes with experience. (It will be closer to 15-20 minutes your FIRST time. There is a slight learning curve to this one, but if you follow our YouTube tutorial, you’ll have it in no time!)

Shop Cricket Stand Here

hammock on rocky beach with tarp

Freedom Hammock Stand

Packed Weight: 5.2 pounds

Packed Size: 22″L x 4″W x 4″H

Set-up Time: 2-3 min + 1-10 min for staking/anchoring. (Staking is a variable in the Freedom Stand set-up, so the time it takes depends on your experience with different ground types and knowledge of staking. We’ve got lots of tutorials like this one, this one, and this one.)

Shop Freedom Stand Here

Hammock camping is awesome and offers so many benefits. As you can see, YOBO is proud to offer options for a great motorcycle hammock stand. We believe in the freedom to hammock anywhere and everywhere! Whether you get to your campsites on a motorcycle, bicycle, kayak, vehicle, or on foot, we’ve got you covered. Happy camping to all this summer!

YOBO on back of motorcycle
YOBO stand hits the road!
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